SERVING ALL OF CA, NV, UT, OR, WA AND AZ. All kits ship free

SERVING ALL OF CA, NV, UT, OR, WA AND AZ. All kits ship free

Why Rent from ExperienceGear?

Why Rent Camping Gear

We'd pretty much always prefer to be outside, and we'd also prefer for YOU to be outside (yes you, glaring at the screen and wondering why there are holes in Swiss Cheese). If you're planning a camping or backpacking trip, ExperienceGear will save you time, money and space so you can spend more time exploring and less time gathering gear like a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter. We make the process of camping or backpacking more affordable and accessible by sending everything you need in curated kits with the best brands in the business.

Planning a trip and need some gear? Let's explore your options.

  • Buy good gear: If you have the money and storage space, and expect to go camping a lot, you should buy your gear! But quality gear is expensive, and most active campers actually only go camping average of 2 times a year. Also, many people would like to try out equipment first to dial in on their needs, or may not have the space to store a bunch of gear.
  • Buy cheap gear: Ever been caught in a rain storm in a leaky tent or have your mattress pop in the middle of the night? If you haven't, buy bargain gear and experience it for yourself. Cheap gear usually only lasts a few trips and is still more expensive than renting from Experiencegear. All our gear is professionally maintained and always clean, and it's only around when you actually need it.
  • Borrow gear: Do you have a friend with quality gear who can loan you everything you need and is willing to clean and maintain it afterwards? If so, awesome (and you have great friends!). But this usually isn't the case, as people either don't have everything you need or don't want to lend out the good stuff.

  • ExperienceGear (Shameless plug...): Everything you need, nothing you don't. We send you all the gear you need in the mail with a prepaid label to send it back (drone deliveries TBA). ExperienceGear also stocks and maintains only the best brands in the business, so you can access premium gear when you need it without the premium price tag. 

So what are you waiting for? Click here to see some of our available camping gear, and begin planning your adventure today!


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