SERVING ALL OF CA, NV, UT, OR, WA AND AZ. All kits ship free

SERVING ALL OF CA, NV, UT, OR, WA AND AZ. All kits ship free

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Backpacking by our favorite lake!

Our team at ExperienceGear likes the outdoors… a lot. We think that camping, backpacking, and enjoying the outdoors are among the few activities that really allow you to get away and explore in earnest. In a time when vacation can easily be spoiled by a work text or long lines, it’s liberating to know you have everything you need to go anywhere you want, all in a lightweight pack that fits on your back.

But we also realize how hard it can be to get away, since the type of camping equipment that allows you to explore in comfort is often expensive. We’ve had a lot of friends who wanted to go camping but didn’t want to buy and store a bunch of gear they may only use a few times. So we started carrying some extra gear to allow more of our friends to go backpacking with us, which evolved into a business that ships camping rentals to your doorstep.

At ExperienceGear we want to harness our love of camping to provide you with the equipment and expertise you need to have your next outdoor adventure. Whether it's how to set up a tent, where to find water, meal prepping guides, or simply championing the benefits of backpacking in general. Using only top-rated gear from premium brands, ExperienceGear provides the opportunity to conveniently rent the lightweight gear you need to get outside without all the upfront commitments attached, whether it’s space, money, or time. ExperienceGear also supplements our gear with tailored information on planning, setup, and lifehacks to make your next trip as seamless as possible.

Explore more, stress less, and get outside with ExperienceGear.