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SERVING ALL OF CA, NV, UT, OR, WA AND AZ. All kits ship free

Packing List When Taking Dogs Camping

How to camp with your dog

By Mychaela Nickoloff  

Dogs love to go camping. When packing for a trip outdoors, it’s important to plan ahead for your pet. They have their own needs and require their own supplies. Before hitting the road toward your favorite campsite, be sure you have what you need to care for your best bud.


This is pretty obvious, but bringing enough food can sometimes be overlooked. Take into account how many days you will be gone and measure the amount of food your dog eats each day into a travel bag. Then, add enough for an extra day. It’s better to over prepare. A heavy duty plastic bag or tupperware container often work best to store your pet food.


Whenever I spend time outdoors, my dog drinks an exorbitant amount of water. Be sure to bring extra for your pup or plan to be in areas where water is easily accessible.  


Collapsible dog dishes are great to bring, especially if you plan on hiking. Regular dishes work just as well back at camp. If you’re in a pinch, you can also dig a small hole and line it with a plastic bag for your dog to drink from.

Dog Bags

Pack it in, pack it out—including your dog’s feces. Also, just bagging your dog's business isn't enough- remember to throw it away. 


Tennis ball? Frisbee? Squeaky? Bring your dogs favorite toys to keep them entertained while hanging out at camp.


Many campsites require pets to be leashed at all times while on the grounds. If they do not have a limit on the length (some campgrounds do), use a 30-foot training leash or rope. Usually, I bring my long leash for hanging out at camp and a shorter leash for walks.

Bug Repellent

Ticks, mosquitos, and fleas are not just pesky—they can pose health issues for canines the same way they do for humans. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, and even West Nile Virus are carried and transmitted through these buggers. There are many ways to protect your pet. Collars emitting bug repellent are the most affordable option, but ointment medication and oral medication are probably the most effective. 

First Aid

If your pup is going to be getting after it as hard as you on hikes, rock climbing, or any other outdoor recreation, it’s good to over prepare. Fido Pro Airlift is a sling that allows you to carry your dog comfortably across long distances if they are injured while in the wilderness.

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